About Us

Silk is a bimonthly, upscale magazine that is target toward the real savvy entrepreneur. Silk Magazine offers it's readers insightful discussion on health,fittness,grooming,fashion,sex/sexuality,money and community affairs. In depth and provocative editorials emphasize the importance of a men's being in his daily life, in his relationship and with society at large. Silk is presented to the readers in an exciting format, appealing to the real men who seek new choices in the publication they read.


There are few choices in lifestyle magazine for men. Silk Magazine emulates such men's magazine as Smooth,Maxium,Black Men's and XXL. However, Silk is way ahead of the curve as it is the only men's magazine that specifically target real men of all races, while keeping abreast of current trends. With a stunning visual presentation and informative editorial, Silk men who are looking for a more complete guide on their contemporary lifestyle.


As advertisers demand increased accountability from the media that they use.

Silk recognizes this fact and offers advertisers many advantages including low out of pocket rates with guaranteed CPM's and special value added merchandising opportunities. With a target audience of real men, ages 35-65,Silk will fill a void in the marketplace, providing advertisers the opportunity to reach an emerging audience.

The Hottest Upscale Men's Magazine on the Planet

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